Samantha James – Subconscious

Samantha James - Subconscious

Samantha James is a Los Angeles-based artist that first hit the public eye in 2006 with her hit single “Rise,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard club charts.  Her second album, Subconscious, released in 2010, is the perfect mix of electronica, pop, and soul.  Don’t let the pop description fool you, though.

There is a refreshing maturity in her music that you don’t hear very much in today’s music.  Her voice flows effortlessly over well-crafted beats and chords; on the slow and mid-tempo songs, her vocal tone is reminiscent of Janet Jackson from her Control and Rhythm Nation years.

Subconscious has so many gems that your favorite song will change from week to week.  “Amber Sky” is a ridiculously-smooth song you can completely lose yourself in.  The only thing wrong with it is it’s the shortest song on the album (isn’t that always how it works?)  Other standouts include “Waves of Change,” “Satellites,” “Tree of Life,” “Free,” “Find A Way” and “Maybe Tomorrow.”

If people still made ‘slow jam’ mix tapes, Samantha would be a staple.

To hear “Rise,” “Amber Sky” and other songs from Samantha James, check out Sirens of Song Radio.  To get the latest on what Samantha is up to, visit her official Facebook page at

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