Emiliana Torrini @ El Rey Theatre (06/19/2009)

Emiliana Torrini at the El Rey Theatre

Emiliana Torrini played to a packed house at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, August 19, 2009.  For close to two hours, Emiliana and her band treated the captive audience to a wide variety of her catalog, including “Sunny Road,” “Jungle Drum,” “Me And Armini,” and “Heard It All Before” (not on the set list).  She was in a very jovial mood, perhaps because of the El Rey’s ambiance.  She admitted that it felt great to play at such a Presidential-looking venue (complete with a red velvet interior, chandeliers and a balcony area in the back).  The sound and lighting was equally impressive, making it her best L.A. performance to date.

At her March 2009 performance at the Troubadour (click here for a review of the show), she mainly performed songs from Fisherman’s Woman and her newest release, Me and Armini.   This time around, she took fans for a brief trip down memory lane, singing several classic tracks from Love in the Time of Science, such as “Unemployed in Summertime” and “Tuna Fish.”  She expressed a bit of apprehension before singing “To Be Free”, letting out a sigh of relief after she realized it was still a fan favorite.  It’s hard to believe the album was released ten years ago, because the songs still sound great.

Emiliana kept the crowd engaged with several amusing anecdotes between songs.  One highlight of the night was during her intro of “Me and Armini.”  An audience member near the front vocally expressed that the story was going on a bit long.  Intended or not, Emiliana heard it and playfully put her hands on her hips and reminded the heckler that she has the microphone.  The crowd loved it.

Although the show marked the end of her North American mini-tour, she will be touring Europe this fall.  Visit her official website, www.emilianatorrini.com for tour dates.

Opening for Emiliana Torrini was Anya Marina.  Photos from her performance will be posted later in the day.

Emiliana Torrini at the El Rey

Emiliana Torrini's band

Emiliana Torrini's band

Emiliana Torrini at the El ReyEmiliana Torrini - El Rey setlist

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