My name is Brian and I started Sirens of Song in 1997 to highlight female solo artists and female-led music groups who didn’t have a big internet presence or receive a lot of radio airplay. (I guess you could call it the Lilith Fair of music websites).

Since it’s inception, the site has featured artists such as Dido (one of the first Dido sites on the web), Harriet Wheeler (the Sundays), Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer), Jonatha Brooke, Esthero, Sia Furler, Dominique Durand (Ivy), Nikka Costa, Angie Hart (Frente), Res and Tina Dico to name a few.

In December 2001, Sirens of Song launched an online radio station, which was nominated for a “Best of Live365” award in 2005.

Thanks for visiting!


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  • Chuck Koehler

    Hi Brian,

    My station is Angelic Female Voices and I had a singer contact me who is simply amazing. Check her out https://soundcloud.com/emalinedelapaix


  • Aure Elia

    Hi there! I love this website .. I’m a female artist, first of all, a singer..

    Rock is not very well represented in France, where I live.. and I have a possibility to make my own album.. i just need people to join ma page and follow my universe..

    I really want to share it with you, I hope you’ll enjoy
    here is my page:

    love. <3
    Aure Elia Joy Adams.

  • Victoria

    Hi Brian,

    The contact info does not show up. Please send me an email, so that I can contact you concerning music submissions.

    All the best

  • Dean

    Still listening to Sirens on live365, and just wanted to thank you again for keeping the good music streaming. You are still my favorite stream. Thanks,

  • sirensofsong

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Chris

    The following text appears in your entry for Harriet Wheeler: Out of respect for Harriet and her family, please do post any information on her place of employment! Any comments that do will be removed.

    I’m pretty sure you mean ‘do NOT post…’. Great site, only just discovered you. How about adding Fiona Apple?

  • sirensofsong

    Yep. It’s 10 year anniversary is next year…never thought it would last this long!

  • Brian, You have a live365 station?? I will be hearing it when I get home. That is awesome. For about three years I maintained one but took it nowhere. I can’t wait to hear yours!


  • sirensofsong

    Well, I just renewed my domain so I should be going for at least a couple more years! 🙂

  • Panini

    Hi Brian,
    I am from India. Why am I telling you where I am from? So that you know you have Indian fans too.

    Hi Brian,
    What is your age? No, I’m not a woman and I’m not gay, so I have no intention of falling in love with you. I’m just wondering how long you are gonna be around to provide me with music that exactly matches my taste.

  • Hi Brian

    Congrats on the “Best of Live365” award!

    <a href="http://myspace.com/jonandlynn&quot; title="Jon and Lynn on MySpace"

    We're doing a concert to benefit the Rockland Center for the Arts on March 7 2010 –

    playing pop covers, jazz standards and ballads – and some originals. Lynn is spectacular…

  • You have a great taste in music, and I really do think that your insights would be appreciated over at MOG, not to mention you could drive traffic back to this site.

    Alot of kewl people, music insiders and devotees like yourself.



    Those are two fine examples, one being a lead in to somones personal blog page, the other just a simple post on the MOG site.

    Regardless, its free, and any fan of Harriet Wheeler is a friend of mine. Great reading your site, and I will be back.

  • sirensofsong

    I actually saw Marina V perform at Borders a couple of years ago. I’ll definitely try to get some of her music on!

  • James Bridenbaugh

    I have been listening to your radio station for some time and the music sounds awesome. There is an artist, Marina V, who is a Russian singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. She is still kind of under the radar, but I know your listeners would like her music. She describes her music as a mix of Tori Amos and the Beatles and LA Times calls her music “hauntingly beautiful,” and I totally agree! Her website is http://www.marinav.com
    Here is the link to download free songs: http://www.marinav.com/music.html
    I hope to hear back from you and I hope you will play Marina’s music on your radio station!

  • Liliana

    Hi Brian! I used to visit your site many years ago. Thanks for giving me the chance to listen to excellent voices. I love this station.

  • I absoultely love your station! Thanks for compiling the best sings out there and putting it somewhere easy to find! I can’t wait until I come home to listen to this station. 🙂 It’s the best. THANKS again!

  • Hello!
    We’re the Cat Killers, a twisted, kicking, post punk, rock and indie band from Gothenburg, Sweden fronted by the crushed-velvet voiced Bea Persson.
    Tuned in to your show.. Spot on.. Do you play unsigned / new acts? If so how can we submit our music to your show?
    You can check us here if you like…

    Take it easy
    With respect

    Rat of The Cat Killers

  • RatBoy

    Love the site … Ever hear Valerie Leulliot? Music is quite good. You don’t even need to understand french to like it.

  • Dear Sirens of Song,

    Excellent show. Thanks for doing it. I think my music would fit in quite well. I believe my newest release, “Wonderlust” would fit in quite well since it receives comparisons to Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star and Norah Jones quite regularly. Feel free to check it out at my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/vettemusic, or if you prefer to simply be able to download tracks immediately, please simply go to the following HTML page: http://www.vettemusic.com/wonderlust.html

    All the best!



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