Tina Dico @ Troubadour (02-09-2011)

Tina Dico made her return to Los Angeles Wednesday night, playing at the historic Troubadour.  Although most fans have grown accustomed to Tina performing accompanied only by Helgi Jonsson, this time around she was also backed by a drummer and bass player – the first time she’s played in Los Angeles with a full band.

The hour and a half set included new songs from her new double album, Welcome Back Colour, as well as old favorites such as “Stains”, “Sacre Coeur” (the trombone arrangement takes an already great song to another level), “Count to Ten” and “Home,” her phenomenal collaboration with Zero 7.

Tina Dico finishes the North American leg of her tour tonight in San Diego, CA and will be touring Europe for the rest of February through March.  Visit http://tinadico.com/tour for a complete list of tour dates.

Welcome Back Colour, is currently in stores.  It’s a collection of 13 new acoustic recordings of old favorites as well as five new songs.

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Sleigh Bells @ El Rey Theatre (10/20/2010)

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells played their first Los Angeles headlining show last night to a sold out crowd at the El Rey Theatre.  The concert had everything those familiar with the group would expect – screaming, dowsing fans with water and stage diving – all courtesy of lead singer Alexis Krauss.

Things kicked off with the curtains opening to reveal a stage that had nothing but two microphones and a 2×4 stack of amplifiers lit up by red lights.  Guitarist Derek Miller walked on stage moments later and had the crowd’s full attention with the first guitar riff.

The duo kept the energy and volume control at 11 for the entire night, running through their catalog of songs without much chit chat in between.  Only momentarily did they take a break from the frenetic pace with the mellowed out “Rill Rill”.

With only one album worth of material, the set was only 30 minutes and left fans wanting more, screaming for an encore that was not to happen.  Nonetheless, the crowd got what they came for – loud guitars, booming beats and piercing vocals.

Sleigh Bells continues their headlining tour with stops in Salt Lake City, Denver and Minneapolis in the coming days.

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