Butterfly Boucher @ Hotel Cafe (06/17/2009)

Butterfly Boucher @ Hotel Cafe (06/17/2009)

Australian artist, Butterfly Boucher has become a staple in Southern California since the release of her latest CD, Scary Fragile.  Aside from playing at Spaceland, House of Blues San Diego, and Sainte Rocke in Hermosa Beach, Butterfly is currently in the middle of a weekly residence at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA.  I was able to catch her show on Wednesday, June 17th.

Butterfly opened the show with her catchy single “Gun For A Tongue” and it didn’t take long for her to kick it in high gear. So high that she was forced to shed her black leather jacket in the middle of the show and later took a longer than usual pause to tune her guitar (which she admitted was only a cover for her to catch her breath, to the amusement of everyone). Mixed in with other songs from Scary Fragile, she didn’t forget to play “Another White Dash” and “I Can’t Make Me”, two hits from her debut CD, Flutterby.

Butterfly Boucher ends her June residency at Hotel Cafe with a show on June 24th and then travels north for shows in Portland and Seattle before circling back to San Francisco.  Check her website for tour details.

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A Camp @ Troubadour (06/15/2009)

Nina Persson of A Camp

On June 15th, A Camp paid a visit to the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA, officially marking the end of their North American tour.  It’s not often that lead singer Nina Persson graces the U.S. with her presence, so it was no surprise that fans came from near and far to see the group composed of Nina Persson (the Cardigans), Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think) and Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing). Canadian siren Emm Gryner accompanied the band on keyboards for the tour.

The group kicked the show off with “The Crowning” and segued into “Love Has Left The Room,” as the band primarily played tracks off their latest wonderful release Colonia. A few of many highlights included the “Golden Teeth and Silver Medals”, a duet Nina performed with Reg Vermue, lead singer of opening act Gentleman Reg, and the guitar driven “Chinatown”.

As someone who has never seen the Cardigans live (to this day, Gran Turismo is one of my favorite CDs), seeing AND hearing Nina live was definitely a treat. Even “murderous asses” wouldn’t have been able to elude her charm.

A Camp will continue their tour in Sweden, playing several dates in June and July.

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Nikka Costa @ Troubadour (06/12/09)

Nikka Costa

Although she’s been playing shows in Los Angeles forever, Nikka Costa made her first appearance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on June 12th.

Nikka and the band took command of the intimate stage and filled every inch of the venue with a mixture of funk, rock and soul. The multi-talented siren also showed she can do more than just belt out tunes and move to a groove when she got behind the drums for “Happy In The Morning.”

Even though the show was to promote her latest Stax release, Pebble To A Pearl, it was good to hear her perform “Push and Pull,” “Like A Feather” and “Everybody Got Their Something”, three gems from her 2001 release, Everybody Got Their Something.

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Obi Best and Manda Mosher @ WorldFest 2009

Manda Mosher

Manda Mosher

The WorldFest 2009 Earth Day Festival, took place this past Saturday at Woodley Park in Encino, CA. Several sirens were on hand for the celebration such as The Chapin Sisters, Manda Mosher and one of my favorite new bands, Obi Best.

Manda Mosher’s debut album, Everything You Need, was released last month, and she will be making an appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Thursday, May 21st. For more info on Manda, visit her myspace page.

Obi Best lead singer, Alex Lilly, announced on stage that it was her birthday, but evidently SoCal Edison never got an invite, because the power kept shutting off throughout the set. Despite the technical difficulties, they were troopers and finished the set, having to forgo instruments that weren’t working.

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The Bird and the Bee @ Echoplex


The Bird and the Bee (Inara George and Greg Kurstin) played not too far from home when they took the stage at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA on April 6th. The band has been playing a lot of local dates recently, as this was my third time seeing them this year.

Before the show, I ran into Inara outside the venue and thanked her for the station ID she recorded for the radio station a month or so ago (to hear it, tune into to Sirens of Song Online Radio). I then made a very feeble attempt at small talk, yet she was as gracious as always. Even gave me some ideas of where to eat before the show.

To give a quick rundown of the night, the band opened up with “My Love,” mellowed it out with “How Deep Is Your Love,” and covered Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” which afterward turned into an on-stage discussion of the song’s title. The hijinks didn’t end there though.
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Emiliana Torrini @ Troubadour

Emiliana Torrini serenades the crowd

The last stop on her North American tour, Emiliana Torrini performed to a sold out crowd at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on March 30th.

From the moment she stepped onto the stage wearing a flowered dress and shoes that looked like they were painted in gold, the crowd was enamored by her mere appearance.

She kicked off the show with “Fireheads” and had the crowd moving with “Me And Armini.” At one point, she was feeling a bit frisky and politely asked for some whiskey (wow, I really wasn’t trying to rhyme). Not a minute later, a shot glass was placed by her feet, and as soon as the song was over, Emiliana and the drummer took a moment to the amusement of everyone. Continue reading Emiliana Torrini @ Troubadour