Robyn – Monument Vidcap

Robyn teams up with the Norwegian duo Röyksopp in “Monument.” Click the pic for the full-sized version.

Robyn - Monument

Kimbra – 90s Music Vidcap

Kimbra reminisces about the music of her youth in her song “90s Music.”  Click the pic for full-sized version.

Kimbra - 90s Music

Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea – Booty vidcap

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have caused jaws to drop with their music video for Booty.  Some people find the video titillating while others feel it’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant.  What’s your take?  Click the pics for full-sized version.

Jennifer-Lopez-Iggy-Azalea_Booty01 Jennifer-Lopez-Iggy-Azalea_Booty02 Jennifer-Lopez-Iggy-Azalea_Booty03

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Vidcap

Taylor Swift tries her hand (or in this case feet) at several different dance styles in her newest video, “Shake It Off”.  Click the pic for the full-sized version.


Yolandi Visser (Die Antwoord) – Pitbull Terrier vidcap

Yolandi Visser in the newest Die Antwoord video, “Pitbull Terrier.” Click the pic for the full-sized version.


Colbie Caillat – I Try vidcap

Colbie Caillat goes au naturale in her latest video, “I Try,” removing her makeup and Photoshop filters to show a new definition of beauty. Click the pic for the full-sized version. And be sure to check out the video too!

Colbie Caillat - I Try

Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood – Somethin’ Bad vidcap

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are good girls gone bad in the new video for “Somethin’ Bad.” Click the pic for full-sized version.


Leigh Nash