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Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia, MD 6/22/01)

So much can change in two years time. Dido first played in the Maryland/D.C. area at the 9:30 Club in September 1999 to a crowd of less than 200 (a complete guess-timate). Here it is, two years later and Dido is headlining her own tour, playing to a packed house at a venue that holds approximately 15,200. Not only that, she’s brought along Travis and Emiliana Torrini as opening acts.

Not even a dark and stormy night prevented Dido and the band from wowing their fans. She lamented that although she felt bad for the people sitting on the lawn, all the rain made it a lot cooler on stage. Complete with a new set and lighting, Dido appeared on stage in a baby blue tanktop with “Travis” embroidered on the front. She performed every song from No Angel, including two unreleased songs, “See The Sun” and “Do You Have A Little Time.” (due to a last minute decision, they didn’t perform “Don’t Leave Home”) As expected, “Thankyou” was a definite crowd pleaser. Dido played sing-a-long near the end of the song, letting the audience sing the chorus for her. Everyone from teenagers to parents holding their children followed her cue and sang. The big surprise of the night was the crowd’s reaction to “Take My Hand.” The pulsating house beat had fans out of their seats and dancing.

Mother Nature must be a Dido fan as well, as thunder played a contributing role. At the ending of one of her songs, the sky let out a muffled rumble which blended in perfectly with the music. Dido noticed the coincidence and let a wry smile slide out.

The band gave fans all they wanted as well with Alex dazzling the crowd with his percussion, the bassist Keith playing in his hometown for the first time and keyboardist John playing in front of many family members as well, Vini’s guitar playing accompanying Dido perfectly, Pete delivering timely scratching and samples and the new percussionist sprinting back and forth between the percussion instruments and the drum set on the opposite end of the stage.

To satisfy all the merchandise junkies, there are plenty of different shirts and other goodies to choose from. Unfortunately, I forgot to stop by the stand after the show.

Dido set list

9:30 Club (Washington D.C. 7/31/00)

Dido and me
Dido opened up her summer tour right here in D.C., and evidently, word spread since her first time here, because she finally got the turnout here she deserves. For those of you going to see her, get there early (when doors open, if possible) if you want to get up front.

Instead of musical chairs, it was musical hair as Dido’s hair color returned to blonde (she was a brunette on her 7/21 Tonight Show appearance) and Alex dyed his hair blonde. As usual, after the show the band was more than willing to chat with fans, as Dido posed for pics and signed whatever was placed in front of her. I admit that I went a little overboard with getting autographs last year, so this time I settled for just a pic.

I apologize for not getting/stealing a setlist, but from memory she basically performed every song from No Angel including two new songs, “Don’t Leave Home” and “Afraid To Sleep.” Aside from “Here With Me,” one of the biggest crowd responses came from “Thankyou.” When Dido started to introduce it, she mentioned Eminem and the crowd went crazy. Throughout the night, she showed her usual quick wit. When a bunch of guys started a cheer for her, she joked that she couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but hoped they were saying something positive.

A personal treat for me was finally getting to hear “Slide” live. Right before the song, she talked about a “Brian” who was disappointed that they didn’t do “Slide” the last time there, so they were going to perform it for the first time. I was wondering what lucky guy got a mention in the middle of a Dido show, not even realizing she was talking about me, until a couple of friends beat some sense into my head (thanks Mikal and Virginia). I was still having some doubts, so after the show I asked her if I was the “Brian” she was referring to, and she said yes (for some neurotic reason, I still have my doubts). She even remembered me as the guy who “stole” the setlist last year, which was surprising. Anyway, just want to thank Dido and the entire band – Alex, Keith, Vini, John, and Pete for putting on a great show.

9:30 Club (Washington D.C. 9/2/99)

Dido and I joined at the head
If you plan on seeing Dido, you’re in for a real treat. Even before she set foot on stage, the tone of the night was set with the band performing a killer intro. From that point on, I knew the show was going to be incredible, and it was! The show was a family affair in a way, because the Keith, the bass player, is from Ellicott City, MD and his parents were in town to see the show. After the show, the band mingled with some lingering fans, and Dido came out on the balcony area to sign autographs and pose for photos. She seemed willing to sign just about anything, as I got her to sign a poster, the setlist, and an 8×10. (okay, so I was a little greedy). I definitely have to give a special thanks to Mikal for “stealing” the setlist for me!! 😉 I was able to take some pics of her performing, but since no flash photography was allowed, they are a bit dark.

For those of you who haven’t been able to track down The Highbury Fields EP, she opened up the night with “Worthless”, a cut that is unavailable on the No Angel album. A little bit later on in the night, she gave us a little bonus by performing an unreleased song called “Don’t Leave Home” that she wrote while in the States. I enjoyed the show so much that I didn’t even realize until the next day that they didn’t do one of my favorites, “Slide.”

Throughout the entire night, she played to the crowd making eye contact and even giving a few winks to a few lucky crowd members. She seemed to really enjoy herself onstage as well as the rest of the band. They fed off of the crowd’s approval and gave it right back. They were on stage jamming and having fun, which is how it should be.

Dido ended the night with a great cover of the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” All in all, Dido and the band put on a great live show and I definitely plan on seeing them again!

stolen set list?


Craig Kilborn

• On August 13, 2003, Dido returned to the Craig Kilborn show to chat, play “5 questions,” The 5 Questions this time around were:

1. You sang the theme song to the TV series “Roswell.” What is the capital of New Mexico?
2. This flightless bird was once a native of the island of Mauritius. It was extinct by 1681.
3. Spell “Eminem” backwards.
4. You were born on Christmas Day. Name five of Santa’s reindeer.
5. Besides “hogwarts” what’s another British expression for “junk?”

She only got 3 of 5 but made up for it by demonstrating her newly learned talent of writing backwards with her left hand. The entire 10 minute interview of Dido’s August 13, 2003 appearance, including “5 Questions,” is available on youtube.

• The “5 Questions” from Dido’s 06/19/2001 Craig Kilborn appearance, Dido Deux:
1. Spell “Liverpudlian” – L-I-V-E-R-P-U-D-L-I-A-N
2. Name two female singers who go by one name – Sade & Madonna
3. What color is Big Bird – yellow
4. True or False: In your homeland of England, every man is a homosexual – false
5. Which of these staffers has the worst British accent?

• Craig Kilborn finally met the woman of his dreams when Dido appeared on his show on 12/19/00 for an interview and performance of “Thankyou.”

Howard Stern Show

• Dido and her guitarist Vini appeared on Howard Stern and lived to tell about it. To hear the entire Stern saga, check out the audio player which features the December 11th interview and performance along with 4 other clips.

Rockonline Audio Chat

On February 17, 2000, Rockonline and Yahoo held an audio chat. Dido answered questions from her hotel room in Houston, and seemed to have a great time. A big thanks to Rich for letting me get so many questions in.

* Favorite things about touring
* How setlists are picked
* The stolen recorder…
* Radio airplay
* Her relationship with Nettwerk
* Performing at Lilith Fair
* Intimacy of her shows
* Her feelings on Clive Davis
* Highbury Fields EP & E-Bay
* Arista’s support
* Her cream-colored jacket
* Performing at Cupid’s Ball
* Her favorite albums
* Her favorite gigs
* Dido Yahoo Club vs. Jared
* How she got her name
* Musical influences
* Some parting words from Dido


This IS NOT a complete discography. This only represents what I own.

Dido Live Dido Live (2005)1. Stoned
2. Here With Me
3. See You When You’re 40
4. Life For Rent
5. Isobel
6. Honestly Ok
7. Take My Hand
8. Thankyou
9. Mary’s In India
10. Sand In My Shoes
11. White Flag
12. See The Sun
Dido - Life For Rent Life For Rent (2003)1. White Flag
2. Stoned
3. Life For Rent
4. Mary’s In India
5. See You When You’re 40
6. Don’t Leave Home
7. Who Makes You Feel
8. Sand In My Shoes
9. Do You Have A Little Time
10. This Land Is Mine
11. See The Sun
12. hidden track
No Angel (1999)1. Here With Me
2. Hunter
3. Don’t Think Of Me
4. My Lover’s Gone
5. All You Want
6. Thankyou
7. Honestly OK
8. Slide
9. Isobel
10. I’m No Angel
11. My Life
12. Take My Hand (bonus track)
Dido -  No Angel (advance) No Angel (advance) (1999)1. Here With Me
2. Hunter
3. Don’t Think Of Me
4. My Lover’s Gone
5. All You Want
6. Thankyou
7. Honestly OK
8. Slide
9. Isobel
10. I’m No Angel
11. My Life
Dido - The Highbury Fields EP The Highbury Fields EP (1999)1. Here With Me
2. My Lover’s Gone
3. Hunter
4. Honestly OK
5. Worthless (unavailable on No Angel)
Roswell Soundtrack Roswell – Original Television Soundtrack (2002)* includes “Here With Me” (Chillin’ With The Family Mix)
Here With Me / Thankyou Here With Me/Thankyou (2000) – DVD single* includes the “Here With Me” video, a live performance of “Thankyou,” and a photo gallery Hunter Hunter (2001) – promo CD single* includes radio edit of “Hunter”
Thankyou Thankyou (2000) – promo CD single* includes “Thankyou” Don't Think Of Me Don’t Think Of Me (2000) – promo CD single* includes radio mix and album edit of “Don’t Think Of Me”
Here With Me Here With Me (1999) – promo CD single (1999)* includes radio edit of “Here With Me” Pointfolio 1.0 Pointfolio 1.0 (1999)* includes a live version of “Here With Me”
Christmas SongsChristmas Songs (2000)* includes “Christmas Day” Platinum ChristmasPlatinum Christmas (2000)* includes “Christmas Day”
Bounce Soundtrack Bounce – Music From And Inspired By (2000)
* includes “Here With Me”
Sliding Door Soundtrack Sliding Doors – Music From The Motion Picture (1998)* includes “Thankyou”

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