Harriet Wheeler

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  1. It has been so long since they’ve had an album and not one scrap of news in 13 years! WHY? It’s maddening and they must not be ever planning to get back together. They’ve dropped off the face of the earth more so than any band I can think of.

  2. Paul, better now than never. Now listen to Prefab Sprout, The Chameleons and The Cocteau Twins if you haven’t already. And if you have, listen to it all again !!

  3. This is by far the most elusively brilliant and fantastically brilliant female voice in the British isles…. captivating, hypnotic and trance inducing…Harriet Wheeler you rock . and are the most superb female vocalist in the isles both I and my best mate JT agree that this is so!!!

  4. I just discovered “the Sundays” a week ago (I know, I know…) and instantly fell star struck with Harriet and the band’s music and videos.

    Too little to late? “sigh”

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