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Harriet Wheeler has been out of the public eye for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean she’s not missed. It’s been over 10 years since their last album (wow!) yet I get more emails and comments about Harriet Wheeler and the Sundays than anyone else. If you’re ever feeling reminiscent, youtube has a great collection of Sundays interviews and videos, including their video for Summertime!  While you’re here though, why not leave some comments about Harriet and the Sundays! 

Image Gallery

Below are just a few pictures of Harriet Wheeler from various videos and TV appearances. More are available at the Sirens of Song photostream on flickr.

Concert Review

9:30 Club (Washington, DC – 12/3/97)

December 3rd, 1997 will go down as one of the best days of my life. I finally saw the Sundays in concert and they were awesome! Harriet hit every note. They performed about 17 songs (this is from memory…I wasn’t able to get my hands on a set list) including the 3 encores. Here they are in no particular order. If anyone does have the set list from the D.C. show please inform me of my errors.

What Do You Think
When I’m Thinking About You
Here’s Where The Story Ends
Can’t Be Sure
Another Flavour
Hideous Towns
My Finest Hour
I Kicked A Boy

*clip from a Vancouver performance (3/15/93), not the D.C. show

The best part was that I met Harriet! After the show, I started walking to my car and noticed 3 or 4 people hanging around out front where the tour bus was so, I decided to stick around too. One of the tour members knew what was going on so he stressed to us several times that if we just stayed calm and didn’t act like maniacs they’d probably sign autographs and pose for photos.

To make a long story short, about an hour later it finally happened. They walked right out the front door and signed autographs and posed for pictures. (By this time there was a small crowd of about 20 people.) Both Harriet and David were very nice and down to earth. They were making conversation with everyone and were more than happy to sign everything and anything that was handed to them. They must have stood outside in the cold and drizzle for at least 30 minutes. I am quite happy to say I was able to get an autograph and even pose for a picture with them. Even after I got a pic with them I stuck around a while and took about 7 more pics. Of course it goes without saying I ran to the one hour photo shop the next day and got reprints in every size…5×7, 8×10, and 24×36. (Ok, I didn’t go for the poster size). All in all, it was a night I’ll never forget! More photos from the night are available at the Sirens of Song photostream on flickr.


This IS NOT a complete discography.  This only represents what I own.

Static And Silence (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Homeward
3. Folk Song
4. She
5. When I’m Thinking About You
6. I Can’t Wait
7. Cry
8. Another Flavour
9. Leave This City
10. Your Eyes
11. So Much
12. Monochrome

Blind (1992)

1. I Feel
2. Goodbye
3. Life & Soul
4. More
5. On Earth
6. God Made Me
7. Love
8. What Do You Think?
9. 24 Hours
10. Blood On My Hands
11. Medicine
12. Wild Horses

Reading Writing and Arithmetic (1990)

1. Skin & Bones
2. Here’s Where The Story Ends
3. Can’t Be Sure
4. I Won
5. Hideous Towns
6. You’re Not The Only One I Know
7. A Certain Someone
8. I Kicked A Boy
9. My Finest Hour
10. Joy

Summertime CD-1 (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Nothing Sweet – Previously unreleased
3. Gone – Previously unreleased

Summertime CD-2 (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Skin & Bones – Live
3. Here’s Where The Story Ends – Live

Cry CD-1 (1997)

1. Cry
2. Can’t Be Sure – Demo
3. You’re Not The Only One I Know – Demo

Cry CD-2 (1997)

1. Cry
2. Through The Dark – Previously unreleased
3. Life Goes On – Previously unreleased

The Black Session (1993)

1. My Finest Hour – live
2. Here’s Where The Story Ends – live
3. Hideous Towns – live

Can’t Be Sure (1990)

1. Can’t Be Sure
2. Don’t Tell Your Mother
3. I Kicked A Boy

Goodbye (1992)

1. Goodbye
2. Wild Horses
3. Noise

480 comments to Harriet Wheeler

  • I’m back with one more thought, should there be a reuion concert, I’m there! even if it’s in Timbuktu, Mali but Toronto, Ontario would be better because it’s closer and did you know that desire is a terrible thing but I rely on mine. ah.

  • Such quality and sensebility in thier music. I grew up with the Sundays. Harriets thoughts and her songs are now imbebed in my day-to-day psychology. Can you tell I’m a big fan. I’d by Reading, writing arthmetic 10 times over cause very little new music measures up to it these days.

  • skunk

    mounier hi, in their static and silence album u can find summer time, cry ,when im thinking about you and other great song, u will like listening to that songs, the other great songs are here’s where the story ends, you’re not the only one i know, both songs are great im sure u will love it. it is in the reading, writing, and arithmetic album. for downloads of that album get free download manager search the web, then go to http://www.thepiratebay.org enjoy!


  • Dan

    Harriet’s sparkling blue eyes and equally sparkling voice are truly missed. I’ve only heard “Summertime” and seen the video but I hope one day she’ll come back (with or without the band) and grace music once again with her heavenly beauty and talent.

  • mounier

    Hello skunk,

    Sorry for my bad english.

    You and everybody here can contact me : mounier1950@gmail.com
    I would be happy to hear songs that you find great.

    Bye 😉

  • skunk (Phils.)

    For me harriet wheeler has the greatest sweet, lovely voice,, every time i listen to their music i feel so calm relax etc. i fell in love with her bec. of her voice so soothing, u r the best harriet, SKUNK HERE(pHILS>)

  • Fred Tavares

    When i say i consider myself as being one of the lucky ones that has been at a liver performance of The Sundays, then everybody who had that same luck agrees. I stood near the stage when Harriet blew the notes of “Blind” into the air at “Aula Magna” of the university complex here in lisbon. I can´t remember what year it was but, i bought a t-shirt and upon today i still listen to all the musics. They are really unforgetable. Despite of having only good things to say about all beautiful songs and lyrics, i consider it almost a crime they didn´t continue. Everybody who ever heard them misses tehm deeply, i know. Their songs, their moods and admospheres are timeless and will therefor continue in time. Thanks you Harriet and David for all. I miss you.

  • Beethoven

    I would hope I’m not exhaggerating in saying this, but Harriet’s voice is the best I’ve ever heard. And this is coming from someone who’s been impressed by the likes of Whitney Houston, Bjork, Liz Frazier, Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, etc. She sings with a unique passion I’ve never heard before, her tone is exceptionally clear and youthful, and her voice is just well…FANTASTIC! It’s a shame she never struck out on a solo career. That voice!

  • Rick

    Listening to the Sundays is a spiritual experience for me–no other way to describe it. I only listen to them at night when all is still and peaceful so I can tune in and let ever word and every note fill me. I am SO glad so many of you are out there loving the Sundays right along with me. Harriet is just an angel.

  • bentine

    The Sundays along with All About Eve were the best bands from the 1980’s.Both had great female lead singers and both had great albums you could listen to over and over again.

  • AJ

    There are few bands that stick with you after a long absence like the Sundays. I can still put in one of their albums and be transported back to my high school and college days. I was lucky enough to see them in concert 3 times and once waited over 2 hours to see them come on stage in a small club venue (300 people?) in San Diego that was really unbelievable. I remember also seeing them at UC Irvine and between songs I yelled out “I want to marry you Harriet!” Everyone laughed not only because it was a stupid thing to yell out, but it also genuinely caught Harriet by surprise and I think she said something like “oh thank you”. But I remember David not being amused and at the end of the show he was upset about something and slammed down a bunch of flowers on the stage as he stomped off after the set. The show in Los Angeles at the Mayan theater was also excellent. Wish they would do another album!

  • doctor z

    Another huge fan here…just happened to be searching to see if there was anything on the horizon for them, but alas, looks like it may not be. They managed to transcend the “shoegaze” genre, with really interesting music and, of course, the transcendent loveliness of Harriet’s voice. Unfortunately, I was never able to see them live. I know they have a family, but personally, I don’t think it’s fair to deprive us of their music…

  • Janeth


    I met Harriet and David during their Static and Silence. I waited for them after the concert and was SO blessed to engage in a 1 hour conversation with David. I am bilingual and Hispanic so I guess he wanted to practice his Spanish because he actually took me towards the seats and sat next to me to chat with me about his travels, things he loved to do, etc. (for 1 hour) after that, he called Harriet and introduced me to her. When I told her I had listened to their music for 1 entire year (my car had a tape player that just kept playing their tape over and over) she signed the playlist I took from the stage with: Thank you for your listening ears…Harriet!

    That was and continues to be the BEST moment of my life…I still have the pen she used to sign the playlist…I just wish I could find the person who took a picture of us.

  • Lee

    The Sundays helped me through the hardest years of my life (my teenage years). The sweet sound of the music and Harriets SPECIAL voice, entangled with some of the most emototional lyrics I have ever heard makes every song very special. A perfected sound that would touch any heart and turn it to candy floss. Harriet! The Sundays! Come back soon. You cant leave it like this for your hundreds/thousands of fans.XX

  • Pascal

    (Sorry for my bad english, I speak french)

    Thanks to all, congratulations.

    Yes, we must say that: Harriet’s voice is fantastic.
    Before, I had tears when I listened her songs. No more now, but she stands great.

    You can listen the album of 2001 of Hope Sandonwal (Mazzy Star) and “Sueanne”. It’s (a little) similar.

  • Marc

    Easily one of my favorite bands. Several others have been compared to them (or vice-versa), such as Sixpence None The Richer, The Ocean Blue and The Cocteau Twins. All share a similar sound in some respects, sometimes called “Jangle-pop,” but none have the beautiful voice or sparkling songwriting that Harriet and David brought to this band.

    Like others who have posted before me, her voice transports me in a way that I can’t associate with any other singer or band. Of course I respect them for wanting to drop out of the music business and raise their family, but I still miss the band terribly. I never got to see them live, so I feel I really missed out on a great experience.

  • Chuck

    The Sundays are a great band, especially because of Harriet’s voice. She is missed by fans everywhere and it is very sad to me that there is not more of a web presence for them. I hope they will come back one day in one form or another. I understand they are raising their children now, so why not do a children’s album? They Might Be Giants did a fine job of that! My 5 year old daughter loves The Sundays–Harriet, David, are you listening? :^)

  • There have so many wonderful and beautiful voices in the last 20 years, but none have had the ability to touch my soul and transport me to another place like Harriet Wheeler’s voice. Whenever I hear any song by The Sundays, I have stop what I am doing, take a deep breath and close my eyes becaue I want my full attention and dedication to without a doubt the greatest female vocalist of all times. I would give anything to turn back the hands of time and go back to 1990’s to watch as many concerts of The Sundays as I possibly could; Harriet, wherever you may be, I wish you all the best and I want you to know that you are dearly missed.

  • Pascal

    Hi Mary, Hello to the creator of this page,

    Sorry for my bad english, I speak french.
    I’m comin from Belgium (near France), and I’m 33 years old.

    Harriet is the best female voice I have heard in my life.
    She has the voice of an angel, she CAN’T be go from here !

    She says: “celebrate the life, be good with yourself”.
    And “just love yourself like no else”.

    Thanks Mari for you post

  • Mari

    Every time I hear one of the Sundays songs I remember the loveliness of being 16 and how everything seemed dream like. I will hold the sundays near my soul,they helped me get threw much darkness and light. Mari

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