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Harriet Wheeler has been out of the public eye for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean she’s not missed. It’s been over 10 years since their last album (wow!) yet I get more emails and comments about Harriet Wheeler and the Sundays than anyone else. If you’re ever feeling reminiscent, youtube has a great collection of Sundays interviews and videos, including their video for Summertime!  While you’re here though, why not leave some comments about Harriet and the Sundays! 

Image Gallery

Below are just a few pictures of Harriet Wheeler from various videos and TV appearances. More are available at the Sirens of Song photostream on flickr.

Concert Review

9:30 Club (Washington, DC – 12/3/97)

December 3rd, 1997 will go down as one of the best days of my life. I finally saw the Sundays in concert and they were awesome! Harriet hit every note. They performed about 17 songs (this is from memory…I wasn’t able to get my hands on a set list) including the 3 encores. Here they are in no particular order. If anyone does have the set list from the D.C. show please inform me of my errors.

What Do You Think
When I’m Thinking About You
Here’s Where The Story Ends
Can’t Be Sure
Another Flavour
Hideous Towns
My Finest Hour
I Kicked A Boy

*clip from a Vancouver performance (3/15/93), not the D.C. show

The best part was that I met Harriet! After the show, I started walking to my car and noticed 3 or 4 people hanging around out front where the tour bus was so, I decided to stick around too. One of the tour members knew what was going on so he stressed to us several times that if we just stayed calm and didn’t act like maniacs they’d probably sign autographs and pose for photos.

To make a long story short, about an hour later it finally happened. They walked right out the front door and signed autographs and posed for pictures. (By this time there was a small crowd of about 20 people.) Both Harriet and David were very nice and down to earth. They were making conversation with everyone and were more than happy to sign everything and anything that was handed to them. They must have stood outside in the cold and drizzle for at least 30 minutes. I am quite happy to say I was able to get an autograph and even pose for a picture with them. Even after I got a pic with them I stuck around a while and took about 7 more pics. Of course it goes without saying I ran to the one hour photo shop the next day and got reprints in every size…5×7, 8×10, and 24×36. (Ok, I didn’t go for the poster size). All in all, it was a night I’ll never forget! More photos from the night are available at the Sirens of Song photostream on flickr.


This IS NOT a complete discography.  This only represents what I own.

Static And Silence (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Homeward
3. Folk Song
4. She
5. When I’m Thinking About You
6. I Can’t Wait
7. Cry
8. Another Flavour
9. Leave This City
10. Your Eyes
11. So Much
12. Monochrome

Blind (1992)

1. I Feel
2. Goodbye
3. Life & Soul
4. More
5. On Earth
6. God Made Me
7. Love
8. What Do You Think?
9. 24 Hours
10. Blood On My Hands
11. Medicine
12. Wild Horses

Reading Writing and Arithmetic (1990)

1. Skin & Bones
2. Here’s Where The Story Ends
3. Can’t Be Sure
4. I Won
5. Hideous Towns
6. You’re Not The Only One I Know
7. A Certain Someone
8. I Kicked A Boy
9. My Finest Hour
10. Joy

Summertime CD-1 (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Nothing Sweet – Previously unreleased
3. Gone – Previously unreleased

Summertime CD-2 (1997)

1. Summertime
2. Skin & Bones – Live
3. Here’s Where The Story Ends – Live

Cry CD-1 (1997)

1. Cry
2. Can’t Be Sure – Demo
3. You’re Not The Only One I Know – Demo

Cry CD-2 (1997)

1. Cry
2. Through The Dark – Previously unreleased
3. Life Goes On – Previously unreleased

The Black Session (1993)

1. My Finest Hour – live
2. Here’s Where The Story Ends – live
3. Hideous Towns – live

Can’t Be Sure (1990)

1. Can’t Be Sure
2. Don’t Tell Your Mother
3. I Kicked A Boy

Goodbye (1992)

1. Goodbye
2. Wild Horses
3. Noise

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  • Rocksmith

    Thanks for the link..great news :^)

  • Anth

    The Sundays got a shout-out in the Entertainment Weekly Bullseye recently, coming in between The Weeknd and The Saturdays. Hopefully it inspired some unfamiliar listeners to check them out! Still holding out for that new music mentioned last year……

  • AfanofTheSundays

    Hello André Assunção,
    At what time in the video is the song, i can tell you if it is a Sundays song or not.

  • André Assunção


    I am looking for information about a song that I think is from The Sundays, it plays in background in a scene from the TV series Jack & Jill (1999/2001) where Audrey and Barto are talking. The scene is from the Episode 5/Season 1.

    I made a question on Quora (with no success). The episode is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT4CQyLOPzk

    I really did not found any answers, no positive information. The voice and style are very similar to sundays.

    Can you help me?

  • Jeff Allan

    Timeless! Still hoping for a fourth album. They left a lasting impression and Sunday’s fans will never give up hoping.

    Listening to them really calms my mind and takes me to another place. I am positive Sunday’s fans can relate to that.

  • AfanofTheSundays

    A brief interview with H&D in 2014 by Adam Pitluk, the editor of American Airlines’ magazine American Way, I could not find the interview on the magazine website anymore. You can now find the interview in the description of the video “Gone” on my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDXXj15tpm0

  • Sasha Z

    Harriet has a nice voice and you are very good at singing. I am very young and am hearing you for the first time. I would like to hear you sing new songs and more songs.

    The music is nice too! It is happy and makes me smile.

  • Fabien G

    Thanks to the post from Glenn R (a few posts below), i read their last interview, originaly published here
    and although short and not so much is said, well, OMG, there’s still hope!

  • I remember very well discovering the Sundays. I bought their blind cd for the song wild horses and admittedly played that song until I moved on to the next big single I was into at the time. About 3 years later I am in 12th grade, and I am just having a heck of a time as a teen and life is really hard. I am digging through my cd’s and found alice in chain’s dirt, which though I could totally relate to that cd in every way I wanted to hear something that made me feel like there was an end to my trials and tribulations. I found Blind after all those years and put it in and it absolutely blew me away. I immediatly went out and found the first cd which was really hard because at the time it wasn’t easily available in our stores. Then they came out with the third cd and I had all three and they never left my rotation for years. Today I am married and heard they may be putting out new music and I for the first time in a long time sat down and listened to all my sundays cd’s all the way through. It is so awesome to sit through that voice again. They rock! thank you sundays for not knowing me yet still understanding what I was going through at the time.

  • roy

    just looking the sundays up, what a voice missed

  • giulio

    Wonderful band…Who made three wonderful albums…
    I wish we could all listen to new stuff from them…
    The Sundays, you’re missed, you know…or don’t you???:)

  • AfanofTheSundays

    Hello Mariano
    You are aware that The Sundays haven’t been performing since 1997? you make me curious, why exactly do you want to contact them? You can find their business address on my youtube channel look at About.https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSundaysLive/about

  • Mariano


    I am trying to contact people from The Sundays … could you tell me please how can I contact them?.

    I need to contact them to see if is possible to schedule a date in Berlin.

    Harriet, if you receive this email …. please contact me at:


    Many thanks in advance.


  • Sean

    Ive never seen them live, and Im not sure if they came to Australia in the past, but if they ever tour again it will be on the must do list where ever their playing!

  • Kurt

    I got into The Sundays because David’s guitar playing reminded me of Johnny Marr of the Smiths. But the bottom line is that Harriet’s voice is the sweetest sound to ever grace my ears. “Blind” is a near perfect record. They did so much so quickly that none of their fans could believe it was already over! But I am grateful for what’s been given. What would life be like if we’d never heard that voice?

  • Mike Fletcher

    Sadly I have literally just discovered The Sundays – but I’ve got form for that, having only discovered Free ten years after they split up! I’m absolutely mesmerised by Harriet’s voice – like somebody’s pouring liquid sunshine in my ear. And she even looks like she sounds – who knew? Now I’m sitting here fingers crossed that the rumoured ‘new music’ actually happens…

  • NeONGeneSAr

    my biggest regret of my adoration of The Sundays is having missed their concert in Wash DC the year before they called it “quits” all because I was ill-prepared for a school assignment due the next day. my wife of 10 years went to that concert, and i married her to give me that missing slice of my life. (SSSHHH, just don’t tell her that!) O_o

  • Pat C.

    Other people I know took their prescription meds. I listened to music to set me right, especially The Sundays; Like a beautiful painting you never get tired of. I can’t thank them enough.

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