Sirens of Song Radio Playlist Adds – 8/16/2013

A mix of old and new songs were added to the Sirens of Song Radio playlist this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Sara Bareilles – Brave

Leona Naess – Charm Attack

Sundays – Leave This City

Alpine – Too Safe

Supreme Beings of Leisure – Everywhere

Say Lou Lou – Julian

Stephanie Schneiderman – Dark is Easier

Oceanlab – Satellite

Phontaine – Nonsense

Federico Aubele – Contigo

Big Sir – Saxophone

let’s go sailing – Sideways

Fauxliage – Without You

Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond

A fan of Harriet Wheeler and the Sundays recently turned me onto Lavender Diamond. Check out their single “I Don’t Recall” from the album Incorruptible Heart. It’s amazing how much lead singer Becky Stark sounds like Harriet. And that’s said with nothing but the utmost respect for both!

After you get over your amazement, check out the entire album. It’s definitely worth a listen!

You can hear “I Don’t Recall” and other songs from Lavender Diamond on Sirens of Song Radio.

O Harriet, where art thou?

Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays now has a new home – here on the updated version of Sirens of Song. I’ve taken the old html page down and have moved everything here. Feel free to leave any comments about Harriet on the new page!

Harriet Wheeler (the Sundays)

the Sundays @ 9:30 Club (12-03-1997)